2018. 2nd Place Medium Kitchen B

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Designer: Alina Halloran
Alina Halloran Design LLC, Woodside, CA
(650) 556-3335 • alina@alinahallorandesign.com • www.alinahallorandesign.com

Photographer: Suzanna Scott
Suzanna Scott Photography, Inc., Oakland, CA
(424) 644-9181 • suzanna@suzannascottphotgraphy.com • www.suzannascottphotography.com

This contemporary European style kitchen is visually open and light, and dramatically improved workflow and functionality.

This kitchen remodel improved performance for everyday living, extended family visits and frequent entertaining for this young and active family. Incorporating solutions such as dual height counters, dual tone cabinets, hidden appliances, recessed channel lighting and mixed material counter surfaces, the contemporary European style design incorporates clean lines in a thoughtfully laid out design. The kitchen is visually open and light, while dramatically improving workflow and functionality.