2018. 2nd Place Small Kitchen

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Designer: Samantha Sedler Hillstrom
Case Design/Remodeling San Jose, CA
(408) 809-7489 •
samantha.hillstrom@casesanjose.com • www.casesanjose.com

Photographer:  Scott DuBose
Scott DuBose Photography, San Jose, CA
(408) 313-1649 • sdubose99@yahoo.com • www.scottdphotos.com

Classy Cook’s Kitchen: A kitchen with a modern, sophisticated palette that minimizes clutter and maximizes workspace for a retired caterer.

This builder-grade kitchen was stuck in the 90’s and did not serve the homeowner’s needs, both aesthetically and functionally. As a retired caterer, the client’s focus was to minimize clutter and maximize workspace. By implementing creative storage solutions and a modern, sophisticated palette, the designer brought this kitchen into the 21st century. These enthusiastic entertainers also gained a bar area which will allow their parties to continue well into the night!