2018. 3rd Place Medium Kitchen B

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Designer: Deb Bayless, CKD, CBD
Design For Keeps LLC, Napa, CA
(630) 738-0657 • deb@design4keeps.com • deb@design4keeps.com

Photographer: Michael Kaskel
Michael Alan Kaskel, Architectural & Interior Design Photography, Chicago, IL
(424) 644-9181 • mike@kaskelphoto.com • www.michaelalankaskel.com

Impactful Addition: A seven-foot addition to this kitchen gave the family much more than their initial wish list, a place to share a meal.

Despite a fantastic location, this historic Colonial had its fair share of minuses. The kitchen wish list was simple – a place where all family members could share a meal. A seven foot addition was devised that allowed the wish list to grow: better windows, large island, professional appliances, and wider room openings. By relocating the dining room entry and built-in hutch, a long run was made possible for buffet serving, display storage, and concealed beverage center. With a dash of style, this kitchen is ready for the next 40 years.